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 Range of 100 to 550 Tons Injection Moulding Machinery .

 Processing Facility :

  Nylon6, 66 (Unfilled & glass filled), Polycarbonate, PC ABS Alloys , ABS , PP Glass & Talc filled

  Polyacetal (POM), HTN Nylons, PPS,PEEK, Poly Urathane, TPC and Many Engineering Plastics.

  Sophisticated Inspection & Testing and Dedicated Mould Maintenance Facility .

  Plastic resin selection for endurance .

  Product Design , Prototype & 3D Printing.

  Mould development, DFM, Mould Flow support with Associate Mould making Industry.

  Electro Plating, Printing, Press Components Support.

Moulding Facility
Inspection Facility
Testing Facilities
Tool Development Maintenance

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